Solar Thermal Systems and THERMO ENGINEERING LLC

This company was started in August of 2012 after decades of subliminal planning by Tom the Engineer to provide reliable solar derived energy at competitive prices.  In 2017 the company was re-organized to include heating and air conditioning system design, installation and service to be more supportive to our North Alabama customer base where comfort cooling is often more important than heating. The new company is called THERMO ENGINEERING LLC and the website will be updated to fully represent the capabilities of the new company sometime in mid 2017 .  Tom is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Alabama and since starting the company has completed the AET factory Solar Hot Water System Design and Installation class, attended two National Solar Thermal Conferences, completed a 10 week Master Hydronic System Design class given by the master of hydronic heating, Mr. John Siegenthaler, P.E. who is Principle Manager at Appropriate Designs . Specialized training in heating and air conditioning led to new HVAC licenses in 2017. Besides his Professional Engineers license he also holds an Alabama General Homebuilders License, Alabama State Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors license, Alabama Refrigeration Contractors License and is licensed to work in the City of Huntsville and in all counties in Alabama.

Fly what you test and test what you fly

Here in the Rocket City, the rocket scientists say "Fly what you test and test what you fly" -- you should demonstrate your reliability by actual use.  At Solar Thermal Systems we have been using a Solar Hot Water system we installed at home since 2007.  Our two panel system provides 100% of our hot water needs during the summer months.  During the darkest winter winter months it might only offset  20% of our hot water needs but overall, we save about 80% of our annual total hot water heating costs!  We also have a self-installed 2.4 kW grid-tie photovoltaic array and sell the electrical power from that system to the TVA.

Local Service Area

We serve all counties in North Alabama including the cities of Huntsville and Madison.

Service and Maintenance

We provide maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting for existing systems.  We enjoy working with homeowners who are interested in learning about their own systems. 

Other Alternative Energy System Design and Installation Services

We are ready to safely and efficiently install your solar hot water system.  At the same time we are more than than happy to help you find local suppliers to provide any other alternative energy or conservation needs you might have.