Design of Hydronic Systems

Hydronic heating systems transfer heat from the source to radiant heat emitters in your living space using hot water in small tubing rather than by hot air in a system of air ducts.

Radiant floors and low temperature radiators or towel warmers are examples of heat emitting devices in a hydronic heating system. This type of heating system is quieter than forced air systems and the temperature distribution in the room is more comfortable than the forced air heating system.

Example of a Home Run Distribution System
(Image from Appropriate Designs)

Our staff can design systems that use vented or non-vented thermal reservoirs to store heat from a variety of heat sources and dispense it as required to multiple loads. In general this would be called a combi-system and uses proven, off-the-shelf hardware and controllers.

Our hydronic system design skills ensure your solar hot water system is optimized for reliability, longevity, and easy maintenance, and that it can be built for reasonable cost.