Solar Hot Water System Installation

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A typical system for 2 - 4 people will consist of two 4 X 8 foot solar thermal panels on the roof with an electric 80 gallon hot water heater that replaces or supplements the existing hot water heater. When the sun shines your 80 gallon tank will be filled with solar heated water. An electric element provides hot water during extend periods without sun. A single pump, controller, and drainback tank are part of the system. We analyze the solar energy potential of the installation site and generate a compatible design that will last for decades. With minimal maintenance your system will be capable of producing usable energy for more than 30 years.

These systems are assembled with high quality commercial hardware mostly made in the USA.

Hot Water System Efficiency Upgrades

The return on investment on your system can be improved by meticulously working on each heat leak from the system and adding features to conserve water.

Adding a physical water conditioner can eliminate formation of mineral deposits and soften your water without the added salt associated with ion exchange water softener system. It will also eliminate the formation of lime or calcium deposits in the water heater thereby greatly extending the water heater life.

The grid powered pump that transfers the heat from the solar collector to the water heater can be replaced with a photovoltaic panel powered DC pump for off-grid operation.

Insulating all of the hot water piping is a no-brainer. Adding an on-demand hot water recirculator to eliminate wasting water while waiting for hot water is a smart addition that conserves water while not contributing to higher energy bills.

From the ChiliPepper website: "Your solar powered water heater takes care of the water heating energy; now make the hot water delivery system green and efficient by adding the demand pump for fast hot water and water savings. Solar water heating and hot water demand pumps are a perfect combination for ecology and environmentally conscious home owners."

Online Data Logging

You can add an off-the-shelf system that provide wireless remote monitoring of your energy system performance. These systems can be programmed to alert users or installers via email when redline parameters are exceeded.

Adding remote monitoring capability is in the best interest of the consumer and the installer both as it allows early detection of any unexpected performance issues.

And then there's the "coolness factor" of being able to monitor your system real time from any internet connected device!

This system can tally and log real time dollar savings or pounds of carbon diverted from the atmosphere if desired.